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Joint Health Sciences Center

Camden, NJ

Owner: Rowan University
Architect: HOK
GC: Torcon Inc.
Year completed: 2020

The Joint Health Sciences Center (JHSC) is a 100,000-square-foot medical research, education, and training center in Camden, N.J. The project was jointly developed by Rowan University, Rutgers-Camden University, and Camden County College.

Eureka installed 21,000 square feet of unique unitized exterior curtain wall, punched and ribbon windows, and various entrance types. In the pre-construction phase, Eureka was involved to help source vendors that could meet the project specification and tight schedule. The congested urban intersection where this new building is located presented many logistical challenges that Eureka navigated with proper advanced planning and coordination with other trades and the construction manager, along with help from the local police.

The unitized curtain wall glazing incorporated a gradient silk screen pattern to soften the transition between vision and spandrel glass. Wausau Window supplied the fabricated unitized panels, with glass supplied by Viracon. Transitions between multiple framing types and surrounding conditions presented odd details on the job that Eureka helped resolve. Interior work included decorative aluminum stool trims, fixed glass partitions, swing and sliding glass entrances, one-way mirrors, and glazing film.

Based on a nomination prepared by Eureka, this project earned a 2021 New Good Neighbor Award from the New Jersey Business & Industry Association and New Jersey Business magazine.