Architectural Glazing & Metal Products

Eureka's team can furnish and install a wide variety of architectural glazing and metal products for your project, no matter how big or small!  Our vast network of vendors permits us to offer you competitive pricing, value engineering alternatives, and reliable fabrication and delivery schedules.

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All Glass Entrances (Sliding/Pocket Doors)

Eureka has installed a variety of all glass sliding entrances, commonly used for interior commercial fitouts, residences, and hospitality projects.  We can help select the appropriate door hardware for your needs and coordinate with the other tradesmen to ensure proper support and clearances are provided to avoid scratching walls.  Glass sliding doors often require longer lead times for install


All glass sliding doors are becoming more widely used in commercial fitouts, hotels, conference rooms, and residences.  All glass sliding entrances can be installed to slide into a concealed pocket in a drywall partition or in front of/behind an adjacent wall.  Using decorative art glass, mirror finished glass, they can also be used as separators between rooms or closet doors.

Such sliding door applications come in a variety of configurations including the most popular:

  • In-floor and in-ceiling roller tracks
  • Exposed and suspended hanging track only with floor guides

Multiple hardware finishes are available and glazing options are infinite.



All Glass Entrances (Swing Doors)

Eureka has installed a variety of all glass entrances for both interior and exterior applications.  Additionally, we can help select the appropriate door hardware for your needs.


All glass doors are commonly utilized in offices, vestibules, retail outlets, restaurants, hotels, and assorted specialty venues. Full height doors are generally limited to 8 or 9 feet, with glass transoms or other framed partitions above the door. In conjunction with safety standards, such doors are fully tempered and mounted using a combination of patch fittings or door rails.  Common rail heights include 3-3/8”, 4”, and 6”. 

Additionally, all glass entrances can utilize concealed overhead closers or floor closers, surface applied or concealed mag-locks, and a variety of push handles and/or pulls.  All glass entrances can be integrated into curtainwall framing, storefront framing, butt glazed partitions, and other openings. 

Because of improvements in material science, low-iron clear tempered glass entrances and partitions have become so transparent that more and more owners are applying decals and decorative film so people don’t walk into the partition or door! Should you find yourself in the same boat, Eureka can provide that as well. Check out our Decorative, Safety, and Solar Control Films section.

If you have a question about all glass entrances, contact one of our glazing experts.

Aluminum Sliding Entrances and Aluminum Folding Entrances

Whether you are in need of a standard or automatic aluminum sliding entrance or an aluminum folding/accordion entrance, Eureka is equipped to help spec, furnish, and install your entrance needs.  We have experience with both interior and exterior applications.  Standard sized manual sliding entrances can generally be available for installation within 5-6 weeks.*   Custom entrances, automatic sl


Aluminum sliding doors and collapsible/accordion doors are common among retail venues, as well as residential or office fitout projects.  They include;

  • Aluminum framed sliders (standard and hurricane tested)
  • Showroom sliders and folding doors (as commonly found at car dealerships, convention centers, and malls)
  • Automatic sliders (as used at hospitals, malls, retail outlets, large institutional buildings, and transportation hubs)

Such entrances can be integrated with storefront and curtainwall punched openings, structural butt glazed openings, as well as typical standalone brick and mortar punched openings.

Sliders can be manually or automatically operated (with a variety of configurations for sensors and controls).  Additionally, many sliders and folding doors can be glazed with monolithic glazing (as thin as 1/4") and insulated glazing (typically up to a maximum of 1-1/4").

A variety of anodized and painted finish options are also available.

Aluminum Storefronts

We furnish & install several manufacturers’ standard storefronts in typical anodized finishes, custom paints, and custom cladding. Storefronts can be utilized in several applications, with standard parts and finishes available for installation within 5-6 weeks.*


Aluminum storefront framing is commonly used in both external and internal window openings, accommodating monolithic glass and insulated glass. Storefront frames may be flush glazed (front or rear pocket) or center-glazed and are available in both non-thermal and thermally-broken framing.  Common frame profiles are either 1-3/4" x 4" or 2" x 4-1/2".  While aluminum storefront framing has been around for decades, the advances in material science and accessories have allowed it to consistently be a glazing product of choice for several applications and projects of any budget.

Storefront frames can be integrated with sloped glazing/skylights, aluminum swing entrances, custom all glass entrances, sunshades, aluminum paneling and solar panels.  If you have a question about storefront applications, contact one of our glazing experts.

Aluminum Swing Entrances

Whether you are in need of a standard aluminum entrance, an FRP entrance, or hurricane rated entrance package, Eureka is equipped to help spec, furnish, and install your aluminum swing entrance needs.


Aluminum swing entrances are commonly installed in standalone punched-openings with storefront-like framing, as well as integrated with larger storefront and curtainwall framed openings.

They typically come in three “stiles”- narrow, medium, and wide.  Each stile corresponds to the siteline of the aluminum component of the door surrounding the glass panel insert(s).

Doors generally accommodate both monolithic glass as thin as 1/4” and insulated or laminated glass as thick as 1”.

More specialized variations exist to meet impact-resistant, acoustic, and fire-rating requirements.

Additionally, aluminum swing entrances can utilize concealed overhead closers or floor closers, surface applied or concealed mag-locks, and a variety of push handles and/or pull handles. If you have a question about aluminum entrance applications, contact one of our glazing experts.

Architectural & Commercial Grade Windows (Aluminum, Steel, Hollow Metal)

Eureka can also provide architectural and commercial grade windows.  Whether a restoration project, renovation, addition, or new construction, our team can help determine the best window solution for your need- including window hardware, window glazing infill options, and security options.


Architectural and commercial grade windows come in all shapes and sizes.  While they are most commonly fabricated with aluminum, steel and hollow metal varieties are also available.

Such window systems can be integrated with other systems such as curtainwall and storefront, or be customized to fit your entire punched opening.  Besides the standard single-hung, double-hung, projection, casement, and awning windows, our team can also help spec and provide:

  • historical replacement windows
  • noise-reducing/acoustic rated windows
  • fire-rated windows
  • blast mitigation rated windows
  • hurricane and impact rated windows


Butt-Glazed Partitions (Interior applications)

Our team at Eureka can furnish and install both annealed and tempered glass, or decorative acrylic product for your butt-glazed punched opening. We can also advise on and supply framing or standoffs for your needs.


Butt-glazed partitions are commonly used in interior applications such as office environments, mall retail outlets, and decorative partitions.  “Butt-glazing” generally refers to the installation of adjacent panes of glass or acrylic without any intermediate framing.  Panes are held in place utilizing top and bottom framing components such as aluminum channels, wooden frames, hollow metal frames, or aluminum standoffs. For taller partitions, glass joints may be sealed with silicone to minimize deflection and help better insulate the room.

Glass and acrylic panes generally range in thickness from 1/4” to 3/4”.  Panes can be custom fabricated with notches, holes, and cutouts to accommodate perimeter conditions, electrical or HVAC needs, etc.  Additionally, exposed edges are generally polished and may be mitered to minimize the joint when fitting glass to a corner. 

Because of improvements in material science, low-iron clear tempered glass entrances and partitions have become so transparent that more and more owners are applying decals and decorative film so people don’t walk into the partition or door! Should you find yourself in the same boat, Eureka can provide that as well. Check out our Decorative, Safety, and Solar Control Films section.

Acoustic and fire-rated products are also available. For external applications, please refer to the structural glazing section.

If you have a question about butt-glazed applications, contact one of our glazing experts.


Our team has worked a variety of curtainwall installations, including specialized fire-rated and impact-resistant installations. From structural-silicone glazed curtainwalls to standard curtainwalls, we have the experience to coordinate with your structural steel and iron work installers as well as both interior and exterior finish providers.


Curtainwall frames are generally used for larger punched openings or full facades on the exterior face of a building. Curtainwall can be fully assembled and glazed onsite, partly assembled and glazed on site, or come in unitized pre-glazed sections for larger projects.

The frames generally consist of:

a backmember ranging from 5” to 7-1/2” in depth, 2” to 2-1/2” in width

an optional face cap/cover, generally ranging 2” to 2-1/2” in width

Curtainwall framing can accommodate both monolithic and insulated glass, acrylic products, or metal infill panels ranging from 1/2” to 1-1/4” in thickness.

Curtainwalls can be integrated with sloped glazing/skylights, aluminum swing entrances, custom all glass entrances, sunshades, operable windows and louvers, as well as solar panels.  If you have a question about curtainwall applications, contact one of our glazing experts.

Custom Engineered Glass Entrances

In addition to standard glass entrances, Eureka can take your custom glass entrance from conceptual design through engineering to final production and installation.  We have experience working with architects and designers in oversized/custom-height glass doors, custom shaped glass doors, and applying custom hardware and mounting solutions.  We can work with your structural team to determine wh


Custom engineered glass entrances include those with heights over 9’, custom shaped non-rectangular openings, custom framing and hardware solutions.  Like a standard all-glass entrance, the monolithic glass used to fabricate these can range in thickness from 1/2” to 3/4" or more.

Similarly, those made with low-iron clear tempered glass often have decals and decorative film to warn people of their presence and minimize accidental collisions. See our Decorative, Safety, and Solar Control Films section for more info.

If you have a custom glass entrance in need of engineering, fabrication and installation, contact one of our glazing experts.

Decorative, Safety, and Solar Control Films

Not every project warrants the added premium for specialty glass such as tinted glass, backpainted glass, or custom printed graphics on glass. Our team at Eureka is well-versed in providing value-engineering alternatives such as applying film products to your glass partitions, windows, and doors. Depending on the product requested, glazing films may be applied to glass on or off site.


Films and decals for glass partitions serve several purposes, including:

  • Decorative film
  • Custom graphics printed on film and adhered to doors, windows, or other glass partitions
  • Solar control window film applied to exterior windows and overhead glazing/skylights
  • Privacy and black-out film
  • Safety film applied to annealed glass to minimize damage in the event of breakage
  • Safety markers applied to ultra clear glass partitions

 Contact one of our glazing experts today to discuss your application!

Demountable Glass & Aluminum Partition Systems

Eureka can furnish and install demountable office partition systems.  We have experience with some of the leading manufacturers in interior office partition systems that accept multiple finish products. 


Interior office fitouts are frequently being spec'd with demountable office partition systems such as those by Raco Interiors and Wilson Partitions.  Such wall systems may include aluminum doors, frames, sliders, and glazing systems.  They typically come prefabricated, but may also be available in stock lengths from the manufacturer. 

These systems allow for reconfiguration and reuse during office relocations or when new tenants occupy a space.  As such, they offer sustainability and contribute towards LEED credits.


Door Hardware for Glass and Aluminum Entrances

From its inception, Eureka has specialized in door hardware for both glass and aluminum entrances.  We can help identify, acquire, install, and service door hardware for a variety of applications. 


Door hardware has always been a changing industry, and as a result can be overwhelming to several designers and architects.  Door hardware made for one door type (such as wood) is not necessarily compatible for FRP doors, aluminum doors, or glass doors.

Similarly, requirements for common door hanging components such as closers, mag locks, and automatic operators can significantly differ between models and manufacturers.

If you have door hardware questions, or require service for your existing aluminum entrance or all glass entrance, contact one of our glazing experts.

Glass Shower Doors and Sidelites

While Eureka primarily works on non-residential projects, we understand and have demonstrated experience installing state-of-the-art glass shower doors and sidelites- coordinating with your designer to minimize water dripping and pooling along the floor or track near the door and preventing the foundation for mildew and bacteria build-up,  Our team can help select the proper shower door and sid


Glass shower enclosures are widely not only used in private residences, but also in hotels, spas, and some recreational fitness centers. They can be prepared for a variety of layout configurations including:

  • Full-height shower door and sidelites (up to 8 ft, possibly 9ft)
  • Full-height sidelites, shower door with transom (greater than 8ft)
  • Partial-height sliding door and panel (set in top and bottom roller tracks on knee-wall/tub enclosure)
  • Fully framed shower doors with fixed and/or operable sidelite panels

The most common of glass shower enclosures (those that are fully framed or sliders) typically accommodate 1/4" or 3/8" thick glass.  Full-height frameless configurations generally utilize 3/8" or 1/2" thick glass.  Additionally, glass can be treated to minimize mildew build-up and expedite moisture run-off.

Glass Stairs & Guard Rails

Our team at Eureka has overseen several custom glass railing and stair installations, utilizing decorative glass products, custom laminated glass, and clear tempered glass. Through a coordinated layout process, we are able to help identify structural needs for stringer installation, custom glass structural boots, and more.


Glass stairs and railings require a significant amount of coordination and planning up front to ensure building codes are met. In particular, both hand rails and the top of any guard rail partitions need to maintain a certain height above the finished floor (typically 36” and 42”, respectively). Glass partitions can support a variety of offset handrails and cap rails as well from wood to stainless steel and other ornamental metals.

Curved glass guardrails/partitions require additional layout and engineering to ensure.

Glass stairs and floors are generally comprised of heavy laminated glass. Like traditional stairs, they must meet building code standards for tread width and height. Such weight-bearing applications are always custom engineered.

 Contact one of our glazing experts today to discuss your application!


Do you have an architectural glazing need not listed above?  Chances are Eureka has furnished and installed it before.


The variety of architectural glazing and metal products is infinite.  Some of the other miscellaneous products include:  

  • Glass Canopies
  • Glass Gates
  • Glass Tabletop Inserts
  • Custom Mirrors
  • Glass Display Cases & Shelf Assemblies
  • Custom Glass Lightboxes
  • Glass Rainscreens
  • Windscreens
  • Aluminum Muntins
  • Aluminum Sunshades
  • Custom Sandblasting of Artwork or Logos
Skylighting Systems (Sloped Glazing, Barrel Vaults, Domed Skylights)

The Eureka team can furnish and install, as well as help custom engineer your skylighting needs while helping you attain LEED credits and energy sustainability.


Types of skylighting solutions include:

  • glass, polycarbonate, acrylic, and solar panel options
  • fixed and ventilating skylights
  • sloped glazing
  • vaulted, domed, pyramid, polygon, and flat skylights
  • custom metal framed skylights


Specialty Glass & Acrylics

Eureka can provide a variety of glass and acrylics to meet your specialty glazing needs.  Whether it's for control purposes (such as sound/acoustic, x-ray radiation, light/glare, or fire barriers) or merely decorative purposes, we have the supply chain to help get the product you need,  Our team of experts can not only furnish and install your specialty glazing, but we can help you select and d


Most of the architectural glazing products can be glazed with a variety of glass types and substitutes.  Thes may include, but are not limited to:

  • Decorative Art Glass (used for freestanding partitions, table tops, decorative window openings/butt glazing)
  • Acrylic Panels (used for freestanding partitions, table tops, decorative window openings/butt glazing, railings, overhead glazing)
  • Fire-Rated Glass (used in doors, windows, storefronts)
  • Laminated Glass (used for sound control, decorative window openings/butt glazing, doors, storefronts, glass railings, glass stairs and flooring)
  • Photo/Art Embedded Glass (used for freestanding partitions, decorative window openings/butt glazing, doors, storefronts, curtainwalls)
  • Filmed Glass
  • Lead-Lined Glass (used for medical and scientific institutions)
  • Integral Blind Units (used for privacy windows and door lites in medical and scientific institutions)
Stainless Steel & Custom Metal Paneling

When it comes to vestibules, stairs, and window openings, one of the most common finishes and adjoining products installed by experienced glaziers is stainless steel paneling and cladding.  Eureka's team can help supply the most intricate of stainless steel forms and panels to give your glass vestibule, stair, or window opening the shiny reflective finish you desire.  Additionally, we can suppl


Stainless steel and custom metal paneling can take many forms and serves many purposes including:

  • Wall Paneling
  • Column Covers
  • Stair Stringers
  • Convector Covers
  • Signbands

Each custom form may be bent at an angle, bent to a curve, or welded,  As a general rule, a minimum distance of 3 times the gauge of the metal or 3/8" is required between adjacent bends.  When welding pieces together to form one shape, bear in mind that finishing may only be available on one side of the finished/welded product.  Additionally, laser cutouts of patterns and openings for signage/lighting/electrical wiring/HVAC connections can be provided.

Stainless steel paneling has multiple finish options.  Among the most common are brushed stainless steel and polished stainless steel (chrome/mirror finish).  Likewise, bronze and titanium products offer various finish options.


Structural Glazing

Besides standard glazed openings, Eureka can also furnish & install custom structural glazing ranging from exterior butt glazed systems to stacked glass, utilizing dot supports, spider fittings, and/or structural glass fins. Most of our suppliers can furnish glass as large as 60 square feet (up to 8 feet along one dimension).


Structural Glazing is generally used to describe "load-bearing" glass partitions/openings.  This may include exterior facades as well as interior partitions and is commonly found in the atriums/lobbies of large skyscrapers, transportation centers, and large commercial or  institutional buildings.  Structural Silicone Glazed (SSG) systems utilize silicone caulk joints between adjacent panes of glass.  Glass may be:

  • anchored by custom metal fittings (spider fittings, dot supports, glass fins) for suspension/hanging
  • held in place by a metal track/aluminum channel at the perimeter of the punched opening
  • a combination of the above with metal framing/curtainwall mullions behind each caulk joint (SSG Curtainwall

These applications generally require both engineering calculations and an engineer's stamp, as well as significant structural steel support.  .